Andrew's Pong Game

This is a template portfolio for the students attending the BlueStamp Engineering program.

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Arduino Pong Game

This project that i am working on is a Arduino Pong Game

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Andrew Baek Kennesaw Mountain High School Computer Engineering/Computer Science Incoming Senior Grade(12)

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Controller for pong game

First Milestone

Myt first milestone was that i was working on different related coding in Processing and found different things that would set up my Arduino Pong Game by learing the basics in the coding with processing. So what i did was i had 4 different blocks of code for one of them i would make a layout of the pong game and the second block of code i would show 3 different objects moving so i would know for working on porject on how to do that and then the third block of code i would show one object that is moving faster than the other to show how the different speeds work in the code and then the final block of code shows how you can set a ball to move on one side to the other and seeing how collision works in coding as well

My First Milestone Video

Second Milestone

My second milestone was i would get my 2 potentiometer set it up with the breadboard on some wiring to connect both of it to my arduino and set it with how much volts and others as well and then get some wires to connect them in the breadboard next to my potentiometer and that would make the controller for the game of pong. In the coding side i would make it in the arduino to set up the potentiometer as the controls for my game of pong and then would on processing set up the things that make a pong game. I would make the paddle move so for the right one would move the right one and the left would move the left one as well and then added a class for the pong ball and a class for the paddle within the coding so the ball in this demonstration showed it moving and then the paddles moving with the corresponding potentiometer.

My second milestone video

Final Milestone

My final milestone is that i am hoping to have a final prototype of a game of pong that would work and i could possibly play with it to see if it work. I would have 2 potentiometer setup with the breadboard to have 2 paddles that one of it controls one of it and then setup in the arduino. In the coding side i would finish up added collision in the top and the bottom and would hit the paddles. I also added a scoring system where one side score and the other score.

My Final Milestone Video

Demo Night

Demo night

Arduino Pong Game with extra modification

Foruth milestone

My fourth milestone showcases the way i decided to change my coding software to scratch to make the future additional modifications and what i would do is put all of the code that i coded and added in scratch i would add some unique sound effects to my pong game like when the ball hits the paddle it would make a sound and when the ball hits the goal it makes a different sound.

My Fourth Milestone Video